Allow us introduce ourselves!

We are like you. Just a little different!

The founders of The Show Site, Inc come from over 20 years of trade show and event experience. 

Trust us, we know how exhausting, hard and frustrating this industry can be. But at the same time, we also know from experience that this is one of the greatest and most exciting industries to be in! We thought to ourselves that there must be a way to minimize those downsides that we encounter every so often. And that’s why we decided to start and change the business!

The way exhibitors and exhibit businesses used to work, is inherently flawed: Looking for a partner to build their exhibit booth, exhibitors usually chose vendors based on who used the most fitting search engine keywords instead of who has the most experience, the best reputation and the best resources for their specific requirements.

At the same time, vendors faced potential clients with little or no event experience, or with unrealistic expectations in their trade show presentation. Attempting to compromise and adjusting those expectations often lead to frustration and a loss of a potential client.

Different Service Providers have tried to correct this situation and provide a market place to exhibitors and trade show businesses in an attempt to minimize potential problems and frustration. However, because the way business has been done for the last decades is flawed by design, these attempts are not successful.

So we turned the process around!

This is how it works for exhibitors:

As an exhibitor, you can (anonymously, if they desire to do so) post your exhibit project, including requirements and budgets, and have different vendors bid on it. Instead of wasting time and money in finding the right partner for your project, you have the best vendors willing to take on your project reach out to you. And on top of that, you save even more money by being able to directly compare quotes from different vendors.

This is how it works for vendors:

It is simply impossible for exhibitors to compare all trade show businesses in order find the best partner for their project. Unfortunately this means most of the time, vendors win over new clients because they chose better search engine keywords, not because their services are better than the competitions.

Because exhibitors post their projects at, you can skip the whole acquisition process of finding out which exhibitor goes to which show and cold calling potential clients. Just browse through our projects: If you find a project that you are interested in, you can use our easy-to-use interface to introduce yourself, send a quote and answer any questions the client might have. And the best part? All this is completely free, you can send as many quotes to as many potential clients as you like, without any fees!

Transparency and Empowerment:

Exhibitors spend significant time and money in the event industry. And we think, they should have a voice in it! provides those exhibitors with a way to share their opinion and experiences. So you can make informed decisions when it comes to attending events and choosing the right partner for your business.