Booth Cost Estimator

This tool provides you with a rough cost estimate for a trade show booth, based on average project quotes and available event data. These costs include only the booth itself, and do not reflect additional costs such as travel, accommodation, marketing and other costs.

Please keep in mind that this form is not meant to provide you with a reliable quote! Based on your needs and requirements, costs for your individual booth could be lower or higher than our estimate.


This calculator is based on the following assumptions:

This tool is designed to give you a rough idea for the potential costs that are involved with a trade show booth.

Our calculator uses average values of available data from exhibit service providers, show managements and information such as quotes and project analysis from previous events. Due to largely different prices and regulations in different regions of this country, these prices can wildly differ. Also, our calculator reflects the average booth setup, which can range from very simple, straight forward booths all the way to complex and highly individualized exhibit booths.

We tried to accomodate for that by splitting our estimates into different local regions and have you choose your booth style and individual setup. However, there are still a lot of “If”s and possibilities, so the calculated estimate is exactly that: Just an estimate.