How We Improve Your Business:

This is why we do it!

The founders of The Show Site, Inc come from over 20 years of trade show and event experience.

Trust us, we know all about running an independent trade show business and the challenges coming with it. And that’s why we decided to change the industry!

We created a powerful tool for exhibitors and trade show businesses: Helping vendors to identify and actively reach out to exhibitors who are in need for a reliable partner; And enabling exhibiting businesses to find their perfect partner, based on transparent pricing, reviews and reputation.

Our mission:

We want to move on from how “the exhibit industry has always been done this way”. By using modern technology, we can:

  • Help exhibitors and vendors to match perfectly, based on project scope and experience.
  • Enable vendors to easily compete on the market, by directly bidding on available projects.
  • Create a transparent exhibit experience, helping decide which events to attend in the future.

This is how we do it!

Conventional Online Marketing Has Systematical Disadvantages:

Here is the reason, why conventional online marketing has systematic issues, making this approach only moderately successful: Positioning your business on a top-ranking position in google, requires experience and a significant budget. But even then, your business is just one of many. It is nearly impossible to outrank search results for market leaders, and it is even more difficult to stand out to your competitors. Here is the thing: Potential clients won’t contact you because your services are better than the competitions – They simply contact the first few search results and stick with whoever sells themselves best in the initial sales pitch.

So we turned the process around:

We build a solution, where you don’t have to rely on conventional online marketing and wait until a client finally contacts you: We encourage clients to post their projects and their booth requirements right here, on This way, you as a event business, can immediately identify potential customers and search through booth sizes, ideas, locations, events and budgets. If you find a project that matches your experience and skill set, you can use our easy-to-use interface to introduce yourself, send a quote and answer any questions the client might have. And the best part? All this is completely free, you can send as many quotes to as many potential clients as you like, without any fees!

Once the client decides you are the right partner for his project, both vendor and client continue business either through their usual communication and project methods, or they can use our project management and payment interface. And only then, we charge a small fee of 0.5% of the proposed project cost, according to your quote.

Transparency and Empowerment:

We give exhibitors and vendors a platform to share and rate their experiences with each other. This way, you can use the whole communities experience and know about your business partners positive reputation, before getting in business with them. Our goal is to help you making informed decisions when it comes to planning business relationships!