How We Improve Your Trade Show Experience:

This is why we do it!

The founders of The Show Site, Inc come from over 20 years of trade show and event experience. 

Trust us, we know how confusing, hard and frustrating the process of planning and creating a successful trade show and exhibit can be. And that’s why we decided to change the business!

We created a powerful tool for exhibitors and trade show businesses: Enabling exhibiting businesses to find their perfect partner, based on transparent pricing, reviews and reputation; And also helping Vendors to actively reach out to exhibitors, currently looking for a reliable partner.

Our mission:

We want to move on from how “the exhibit industry has always been done this way”. By using modern technology, we can:

  • Help exhibitors and vendors to match perfectly, based on project scope and experience.
  • Enable vendors to easily compete on the market, by directly bidding on available projects.
  • Create a transparent exhibit experience, helping decide which events to attend in the future.

This is how we do it!

Until now, the exhibit industry had a major flaw:

Exhibitors had to research and contact potential vendors before discussing if these vendors are even able to realize their project. This means spending time and money, trying to find the right partner – without even knowing if that partner is capable of delivering the desired result until you start discussing the actual project. And once you found a partner, how do you know you didn’t miss on an opportunity to work with an even better one?

So we turned the process around:

As an exhibitor, you can (anonymously, if they desire to do so) post your exhibit project, including requirements and budgets, and have different vendors bid on it. This way, you save time in finding the right partner for your project, and you save money by being able to directly compare quotes from different vendors.

Transparency and Empowerment:

Exhibitors spend significant time and money in the event industry. And we think, they should have a voice in it! provides those exhibitors with a way to share their opinion and experiences. So you can make informed decisions when it comes to attending events and choosing the right partner for your business.