Please, Rate Your Experience!

For both exhibitors and vendors, there is a lot at stake in the trade show business!

Trade show presences come at a certain price. It’s no secret that the costs involved with exhibiting at a trade show can easily reach an average persons mortgage. Having this in mind, it is understandable how exhibitors are reluctant working with vendors they haven’t worked before, and how vendors often require hefty down payments or even full upfront payments from exhibitors, when getting into a new contract.

For this reason, we created a forum to give everybody involved in this industry a voice: 

Exhibitors can rate and comment about their experience with vendors they’ve worked with. Vendors can rate and comment on their experience with exhibitors. And both vendors and exhibitors can rate and comment on individual shows and events, that they attended or that they worked on.

Making the business more transparent and trustworthy!

Our goal is to change the game plan: Working with new partners, finding clients and ordering services should no longer be a guessing game about how future business interactions are going to be. With us, both exhibitors and vendors can rely on the industries collective experience and immediately know and profit from their future business partners reputation!